Festival Hair

Greasy and dirty hair is a given at any festival so dont let it get you down, embrace the filth! Its the one time in your life that not one person will look at you funny because you havent had a shower in 2 days and you have bits of grass and mud stuck to your hair. So with this in mind let us show you the best hairstyles to get you through the dirtiest weekend of your life and come out the other-side like a babe.

The clip in braid is the prefect low maintenance accessory to draw attention away from all that mud in your hair


A floral hairband is a great way to jazz up the dullest of hair

Plaits as everyone knows are the ultimate festival hair style. The full on french plait is something very handy for those who want something that is out of their face while still looking cool. Plaits give you endless possibilites from one large plait to small french plaits for your fringe. The plait will also give you soft waves for the day after so really its a 2 day hairstyle!



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