Putting the ‘Style’ back into ‘Stylist’


Laura Reid, Senior Stylist at Brown Sugar, South William Street.

Laura has been very familiar with hair dressing all her life, her mother ‘also a hairdresser’ use to run her own salon that Laura would regularly visit. It was through seeing her mother at work that influenced her to take hairdressing up as a career.

After completing her leaving Certificate Laura immediately began her career in hairdressing. At the age of 18 she began working in ‘Peter-Mark Valentinos – St, Stephens Green’, it was here where she was introduced to Mark O’Keeffe, the owner of Brown Sugar.

Laura has been working with Brown Sugar for 5 years and has worked with Irish celebrities like Síle Seioge & Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh to name but a few. She has also worked with a lot of up and coming young Irish Models, However she would love the chance to work with the Kardashians.

One of Laura’s reasons for moving to Brown Sugar was to compete in hair shows like the L’Oréal Color trophy as she found that Brown Sugar have a very nurturing environment which allow their employees to take part in these competitions.

She went on to win the Photographic award in 2008 & assisted a colleague to another victory for Brown Sugar in 2009 in the L’Oréal Color Trophy & looks forward to future competitions.

Laura is a big fan of on trend fashion cuts & color and loves to incorporate this into her style of working, as she does not limit herself to just styling she also works with color.

Top-Tip from Laura- “Products are essential, a favorite of mine would be ‘Full Volume Mousse’ which people generally blow dry into wet hair, however used with dry hair it can be phenomenal for molding the hair into position and it works amazingly with fine hair types”


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