Who’s Bob?

We have spotted countless celebs sporting the bob recently which has inspired us to give you more of an insight into the world of the bob, where it all began and how it came to be so popular!

The Bob historically dates back as far as the 1890’s but was generally popularized by film stars in around the 1920’s. Young women favored this style as it was considered to be a shocking statement of independence to older people who had been used to seeing young women with heavy edwardian-style hair.

Hairdressers back then had only been trained in how to arrange and curl long hair, and it was due to this that barbers started to notice queues of women outside their salons waiting for their long locks to be chopped off in favor of the newly popularized bob. During the 1930’s the bob was no longer firm favorite among the young and trendy, and long hair was brought back.

While its popularity wained in the 1930’s, it was Vidal Sassoon that made it modern again in the 1960’s. He used the shape of the early bob but made it more cutting edge. The arrival of the newly popular Bob brought about the arrival of the Mop-Top mens Bob which can be seen on English rock legends The Beatles.

Nowadays variations on the Bob can be seen everywhere, with many different shapes, length’s and colors. Victoria Beckham had a huge impact on the creating trends among the masses with her asymmetrical ‘Pob’ also known as the Posh Spice Bob. Celebrities like Rihanna and Katie Holmes have also been spotted sporting their own versions of the bob. The bob is popping up all over the fashion mags lately with Lily Allen recently gracing the cover of Elle UK and Miranda Kerr on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Australia both with very different variations of the Bob.

Our new stylist James Coleman, resident stylist Laura Reid and manager of the Blackrock salon John Cheese are ready to help you on the first step of your hair makeover, just stop by our salon for a consultation to find the perfect bob for you!

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