Your guide to glossy hair…

Healthy looking, glossy hair is huge this season with Kate Middleton, Olivia Palermo, Cher Lloyd and Kelly Rowland sporting this look. With the holiday season almost upon us you won’t need a long salon visit to get this soft, glossy style. It takes just 10 minutes to apply and 20 minutes to develop, meaning your salon visit should not take more than one hour, allowing you plenty of Christmas shopping time.

The new L’Oréal Diacolour range which we use in Brown Sugar is not only ammonia free, but it also gives a great high-gloss finish which will leave you with perfect polished looking hair!

Kate has added some sun-kissed natural looking highlights to her preppy, chelsea-style hair. Good quality home conditioning treatments are perfect for keeping long, luscious locks like this impeccable.

Olivia Palermo has added glossy, caramel highlights to her tresses which will catch the light giving hair an extra sheen.

Cher Lloyd has ditched her street-chic hair for a new polished glossy look, which makes her look chic and sophisticated.

Kelly Rowland dresses up her super long hair with a full fringe which makes it look extra shiny.

Call in and speak to one of our colour specialists for more information on how to achieve your own glossy style.


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