Make up Versus Fake Up

2012 has arrived, another year to get it right… Get what right? Make-Up
of course! It’s time to ditch the fake-up in favour of some presentable
make-up! Today we are talking lips.

Applying lipliner is not only a great way to define and accentuate the
shape of your lips, but also to keep your lipstick from feathering.

1. Begin applying lipliner at the center of your natural upper lip line
to define the bow then work toward the outer corners to complete the line.

2. Start at one corner of your bottom lip then follow your natural lip
line all the way to the other corner.

Tip (i): Choose a lipliner that matches your lipstick or a flesh tone shade
for a soft, natural look.

Tip (ii): To get plumper, pinker looking lips, do not touch up by drawing a
hard lip line; smudge it so lips look fuller! For a more dramatic
fullness, choose a lipstick shade with a hint of frost.

Tip (iii): To avoid lipstick on your teeth, put your index finger in your
and then draw it out slowly with your mouth closed. What you see on your
finger is what would have ended up on your teeth!

For all of you make-up enthusiasts who would like a more in-depth knowledge
of make-up application we run a fabulous course here in Brown Sugar. For
more information contact us on (01)6169967


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