Deciding To Change Your Hair

Can’t decide whether to cut your hair or keep it as it is? These tips may help you in your decision.

Get some inspiration. Buy some magazines and see what hairstyles are in and what celebrities are having their hair like. If you find a few styles you like, keep them in mind. Most of our customers, take inspiration from TV and magazine and the internet.

Your face shape. Certain styles look better with certain face shapes. like a short, pixie cut generally suits people with thinner faces. Go through the styles you liked in the magazines and see which ones would suit your face shape.

Using the internet. You can also go on to sites where you upload a picture of yourself and it will give you a number of hairstyles to choose from and it will show you how the style would suit your face and different colours. We are also huge fans of Pinterest, were we have a huge catalogue of hair and beauty images we adore, this may be of use to you when referring to tip 1. Check it out here

Colour? Are you bored with the same colour. If you would like to change your shade of hair as well as your style, consider what colour would suit you best. If you have very dark hair then it might be quite hard to maintain blonde hair and keep your roots from going back to your original colour. Think carefully about what method you use to colour your hair.

In Salon. I recommend that you take a picture of the way you want your hair cut. Describing what you want sometimes may confuse your hairdresser and you might end up with something you really didn’t want. Just take the picture and tell them you would like it like this.


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