7 Reasons To Go Blonde!

Do blondes have more fun? We have seven great reasons, which may help you in your decision to take the plunge, and go BLONDE…

1: One great reason, is that there is most likely a color for you. Some people – both women and men – hesitate before lightening their hair because they’re afraid it won’t go with their coloring. It also has to be said that some color profiles don’t go with blond, but generally, you’ll find a flattering hue somewhere between strawberry blond and platinum.

2: Another great reason to go blond is the ‘versatility’. You can easily lighten your hair in a variety of ways. If you don’t want an all over color, think about highlights instead.

3:  If you want to add a little dazzle to your look, this is definitely one way to do it.

4: If you are looking for a style over-haul, going blonde is a sure way to achieve this! Opting for an all over colour, will make you feel like a whole new person, and give a new lease of life!

5: For those of you who aren’t fans, of your little ‘grey’ friends, going blonde is sure way to help you cover those up.

6: Going blonde, may help with really oilly hair, which you find problematic. Granted the bleach may have a lot to do with it, but as long as your hair doesn’t get unhealthy, your hair should be fine.

7: Trends, such as ballyage, are a great way to ultimately stop coloring your hair if you want to, at least when you naturally have darker hair. Your roots are much, much less noticeable, sometimes even undetectable, when the lower parts of the strand are blond. You get a steady, smooth gradation to blond, so it’s also a subtler way of trying the color.

Remember to always cosult a colour professional so you can see some examples and get a knowledgeable opinion, on whats best for your hair type. 


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