8 Steps To Festival Make Up…

With Ireland’s biggest festival about to make waves this weekend, here are our 8 steps to festival make up.

1: Cleansing & Toning Wipes – Keeping up your usual make up regime will be hard in a field, so instead, invest in some wipes to keep up your good work. Simply use them when you go to sleep, and your skin will continue looking great!

2: Concealer – The law of festivals says you’ll get a horrible spot on the worst possible day, so go prepared.

3: Bronzing Powder – Nobody wants to be the pale one in the photographs, so give your skin some colour and definition with a bronzing powder

4: Eye Shadow – The key to festival make up is to avoid bright colours, and look like a natural beauty. So, its time to invest in some seriously good nude make up!

5: Waterproof Mascara – Waterproof mascara is a must have for festivals!

6: Lip Gloss – Natural make up calls for a good gloss during the day, which will last without needing to be constantly reapplied, invest in one before you start your adventure.

7: Eye Liner – Next on the list is eyeliner. Once the daytime acts are over and you are making your way to the private parties and VIP areas, you’ll need a bit more oomph, that is where eye liner comes in!

8: Foundation – Using foundation everyday isn’t good for the skin, and most people don’t need too, but by the end of the festival your skin might be looking a little tired. Take a mini bottle of foundation to pep it up if you need too, and you won’t look washed out in the photos.


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