3 unique braids, we’re loving…

1. Venice Hippie – Best for long, wavy hair. 

Step 1: Make a side ponytail at the nape of your neck.
Step 2: Separate it into two sections, leaving out a long 1″ piece underneath.
Step 3: Take the 1″ piece and wrap it in a figure 8 pattern around each of the two ponytail sections.
Step 4: Each time you pull the 1″ piece through the middle, add a bit of hair from the ponytails (similar to how a French braiding technique). This keeps you from running out of hair to wrap around the ponytails.
Step 5: Secure with a clear elastic and shape the braid with your fingers.
Step 6: Set with strong-hold hairspray

NY Chic – Best for any lenght, straight or wavy.

Step 1: Make a slight side part.
Step 2: Do a tiny (and we mean tiny!) French braid from the scalp down the side of your head. (If it’s going awry, start over. This time, find and work with the section of hair that falls naturally where you want the braid. Braid in that direction.)
Step 3: Pin the braid in place a few inches above your ear.

Bohomenian Princess – Best for long, wavy or curly hair.

Step 1: Imagine your hair separated into four quarters. Grab 2-inch sections from the top, left, and right sides; then pull them back toward the crown of your head to see how the hair best lays against your head. This is the direction in which you’ll want to braid it.
Step 2: Starting 1 inch from your hairline, braid each side back and secure with a clear elastic.
Step 3: Cross the braids in the back and tuck the ends under to form a “wreath.” Secure ends with bobby pins.
Step 4 (optional): For a more glamorous look, wrap the rest of your hair into a bun.
Step 5: Control flyaways by setting with strong-hold hairspray.


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