4 great hair trends to try…

1. Braided Up Style

Work a new season updo by incorporating some loose braids into your hair. Braid back your fringe for something simple or go all out and create an intricate braided updo at the back


2. Sophisticated Twists

From Gucci to Valentino, the runways have been packed with elegant and sophisticated twist hairstyles. Leave your hair out and twist your fringe back for something a bit bohemian.

3. Precision Ponytails

Tell everybody you mean business by tying your hair into a sleek, tight ponytail. It’s a look that has been popular on the runways and can easily be translated into real life. You could part your hair deep to one side and secure low at the neck, or pull hair back and up into a high ponytail. Get the straightening iron and hair product ready for this ‘do!

4. Pastel Tips

Pastel coloured tips are still enjoying their time in the limelight. It’s become one of the most popular new hair trends, and if you haven’t already tried it then now is the time to give it a go. You don’t have to choose a permanent colour as there are temporary and wash-out options available. Admittedly, this trend is easier achieved on lighter hair.


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