Cold Weather Hair Care Tips From Colour Technician Mark Byrne

Mark Byrne, senior colour technician in our flagship salon in South William Street, has been colouring hair for over ten years. Mark’s colouring skills are second-to-none and have seen him go on to give inspirational training for the L’Oreal academy, among other things.

Mark has lent his expertise to us, to offer his top five tips for keeping your tresses in check during the cold winter snap. Many women would imagine summer to be the most damaging to hair, but in fact, snow, sleet and rain can wreak havoc on your locks. Try these few Autumn/Winter hair care tips for keeping your maine in great shape throughout the colder months…

1: At Home Essentials 

“Home care is essential and would be at the top of my list for keeping your hair healthy during the cold snap” says Mark. “Investing in a good shampoo and conditioner is key, I would recommend Kérastase or Serie Expert which will help to lock in moisture that is sapped from the air during the colder months”.

2: Regular Cuts

Many clients query why having regular trims is really beneficial to having healthy hair, Marks explains; “regular cuts or light trims every 6-8 weeks help to avoid split ends before they occur” says Mark, “split ends give the appearance of frizzy, dry, uncared for hair which will look severely worse during the winter months”

3: Cutting Down On Heat

Another useful tip from Mark is to cut down on the use of hair tools like blow dryers, wands, curling thongs, straighteners which all draw ever more moisture out of your hair! Mark’s advice is to “limit the use of heated hair tools to just weekends or special occasions”.

4:  Protecting Your Locks!

Tying hair up daily and wearing rough textured fabrics throughout the colder months can be detrimental to hair pulling out around the hairline or causing damage or breakage – Marks advice if you are going to wear fabrics around your tresses “opt for wool hats or silky scarves with a non-rough texture, and ensure hair is completely dry before donning a hat, if your hair is even slightly damp you will be setting it flat against your head as it dries”

5: Treatments

“Kérastase elixir is the worst kept secret in the industry, but for good reason, this hair treatment is the holy-grail of beautifying oil treatments” says Mark. Kérastase elixir now available for three different hair types, including colour-treated hair. “Elixir Ultime adds a triple whammy of moisture after shampooing and conditioning hair”



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