Styling tips from guest blogger Laura Reid

Brown Sugar Senior Stylist and L’Oréal I.D artist, Laura Reid, is our guest blogger for today! Laura has been working closely with L’Oréal this past year for the I.D Artist programme, running workshops with her I.D artist team, in Manchester, which is then brought back to each I.D artist’ region. The 2012 collection is focused on ‘retro nouveau’ – a new twist on 50s and 60s classic iconic styles. Laura wowed the crowd, on Monday night when she displayed the collection in Dublin during the L’Oréal Catwalk Showcase, pictured below.

Laura has come on board today, to lend her expert advice on this seasons biggest trends, offering styling tips and tricks to take note of for perfecting some of her favourite  hair styles!


“When styling hair I always tend to blast a cocktail mix of L’Oreal techni art Pli and playball texture tonic into clean dry hair, as this mixture makes hair feel like a fabric allowing it to become very malleable. From there, possibilities are endless” says Laura.

Top Knot-tastic

Coating the hair with this cocktail mix works great fo one of the hottest trends to come straight off the catwalk, the top-knot. When trying out this look “secure the hair in a bobbin at the crown of the head, lightly back-brush the hair and pin into place.” says Laura. Due to the coating of products in the hair, you shouldn’t need a sponge to complete this look…

Bouncy blow-dry effect

Another trick of Laura’s while generously coating the hair with Pli and playball texture is to set the hair – “pop down to your nearest Penneys (Primark) and pick up a a pack of velcro rollers, which will set you back a mere €2, pop them in the hair, (which ever way suits you best), heat them up with a hair dryer on medium heat, allow to cool completely before remoive and voilá, you have a gorgeous bouncy blow-dry effect.”

Whats trending

“Grown out bangs are a big trend this season, Cheryl Cole and Nicole Richie have perfected this look, framed fringes around the eyes give a mysterious retro sex appeal – consider this trying this look, if you’re in the business for the new style” says Laura.

Laura works her magic in Brown Sugar flagship salon in South William Street. Love her tips? Drop in to the salon, she would be more then happy to discuss any of the above with you… 


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