To Chop or Not!

Celebrities everywhere are adopting The Pixie Cut, but is it for everyone? Some things to consider before you chop are face type, maintenance and product.

Miley Cyrus and Beyonce are prime examples of celebs who are brave enough to rock the short chop. They both have oval shaped faces, so this short cut compliment their face type perfectly. The shorter cut also helps to accentuate their strong features like eyes and cheekbones.

Miley-Cyrus-Short-Hair-BW k-bigpic

Ann Hathaway is another celeb who loves her Pixie cut. When it comes to maintenance Pixie cuts can mean going to the salon every couple of weeks to help keep the style’s shape. Regular visits to a stylists can also help create a great shape for when you’re growing it out.


Michelle Williams really knows just how to wear her Pixie cut, she wears it casual or more elegant depending on the event. Here she has created a really textured look. This can be achieved with the right styling product. Whether it’s a wax, gel or hairspray you should find the right product to create your own desired look.


Halle Berry is the Queen of the Pixie, she has been wearing this look in so many different ways for years now. The secret to her hair’s versatility is the right styling products matched with perfect textured layers. From tousled to slick she has got all angles covered.

Premiere Of "Frankie And Alice" - Arrivals

Once you find your inspiration you just need the confidence to wear it with style!


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