Ready to Rock and Kohl!

Get back to basics with a kohl eyeliner pencil to create a rocking smokey eye. By smudging and blending your liner you can achieve the look with any colour. Brown Sugar make-up artist Dearbhla Keenan recommends Kohl liner, saying “It’s the perfect tool for creating this look”. (Price €15)


Kohl pencil eyeliner – Choose a kohl pencil and you can blend it as much or as little as you like, so you can create the look.

Blending brush – With its short and dense bristles it will help create the smokey effect.

Smudge brush – For use on the lower lash line.

Mascara and setting powder – You can use the same powder as your face makeup, and just make sure it’s translucent. (Kohl Mascara €15, Translucent Powder price €32)


Now let’s go through it step by step:

  1. First, line your upper lashline from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.
  2. Next you simply draw a line directly above the first line.
  3. Continue drawing lines above one another until you reach the eye lid crease.
  4. Then using your blending brush go over all the lines you’ve created.
  5. Continue to blend into and above the crease.
  6. Next step is to trace the lower lashline with the same pencil.
  7. Using your smudge brush, smudge the line back and forth with short strokes to really work it into the lashline.
  8. You can go back over the upper lashline with the pencil.
  9. Make sure to use a mascara to help finish off the look.
  10. Finally set it with your setting powder, so your smokey eye lasts.


For a full range of products check out products online –



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