Updo Can Do!

Do you have a wedding coming up, a Christmas party or do you simply want to have fun trying updos? Well here are some simple and fun ways to wear your hair. You can wear these looks casually or make them more formal by adorning with hair accessories.

First up is the top knot and it’s so simple to achieve. Use a comb to tease the hair giving it volume, then just twist, knot hair and clip. You can use hair spray for extra hold.


The braid is ever popular and it can be either left messy and casual or more finished and slick. With so many braiding options it’s one of the most versatile updos, from braided halos, braided twist to coiled braids.


A French twist can be a chic alternative to a top knot or a ponytail. This classic style is actually really easy to master. Gather the bottom section of the hair at the nape of the neck. Twist it in a column upward, then tuck it underneath itself in the same direction of the twist.

pink flowers hair 2

Why not try a plait instead of a regular ponytail, or even weave your hair into a fishtail.


The huge messy bun is another great option; tie a ponytail at the top you the head, and back comb the hair. Simple wrap the hair into a bun shape and clip!


These looks are all achievable at home or in salon and can be a nice change if you’re used to wearing your hair down.



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