Changing Season, Changing Hair Care

As the season changes from autumn to winter so too must your hair care routine, so hair is ready to face the cold harsh weather and remains looking shiny and restored.

Dropping temperatures and cold winds don’t have to go hand in hand with frizzy hair and dry hair, a good hair routine can help. A clarifying treatment, a detox for your hair will remove protein buildup along the scalp and completely cleanse the hair and leave it looking healthy, for this treatment you can invest in a salon quality shampoo or go into your salon for a treatment.


Ashley Simpson’s hair always looks healthy and shiny despite constantly changing her colour. The secret is a good hair care routine.

Once the hair is cleansed you can look into conditioning; deep conditioning treatments are great for restoring moisture to sun dried or heat damage hair. Winter hair thrives on moisture, you can’t have too much, so continue to incorporate deep conditioning into your weekly routine to maintain its condition year round. The treatment will soak its way into the cuticle to repair damaged hair to provide long lasting moisture. Rinse out conditioner with cold water to seal the cuticle, which helps to promotes shine. Washing hair in extremely hot water can again be damaging, so try moderate temperatures.

No matter what your hair type conditioning oil treatments can restore your hair’s nutrients, which it loses in freezing temperatures, and dry heat. Use warm oil to massage your hair and scalp for at least one or two hours to restore the moisture.


Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen’s hair is constantly being styled given her profession so she’d need an healthy hair care regime.

Following on from this, the best suggestion for heading into winter is getting hair cut or trimmed to get rid of any split ends. Keep on top of split ends by booking in for a cut every 6 – 8 weeks after that. It will help keep hair looking its healthiest. Cooler temperatures affect the condition of the hair making it more brittle or frizzy, so this will help combat and help prevent any breakage.

Another great tip to protect hair is to avoid pulling at your tangled wet hair, it can snap off and break so use your fingers or a comb to separate wet strands gently. Plus, hair can be more dry and brittle in autumn and winter so try to avoid over-brushing.

Over styling with heat is another common problem during autumn and winter as again it can dry  out hair, so try to pick options that are less stressful on your hair.

The change in the weather also means a change in hair trends and can mean adopting for warmer hair colours. So opt for rich browns, caramels and auburns over blondes highlights to compliment the season.

Keeping all these tips in mind you’ll be ready to face the chilly weather head on with healthy hair.


Vanessa Hudgens changed up her colour and opted for an autumnal hair colour this season.



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