How to Beat the Frizz

Dry hair sucks up moisture from the air, which causes hair to swell and kink, leaving the hair looking frizzy and damaged. Some simple tips can help you reduce or even eliminate frizz, they may seem obvious but can be effective.


1. Keeping your wet hair all wrapped in a towel for an hour after you wash it can cause frizz. Towels rough cotton textures can force your hair cuticles open, making hair more likely to frizz. Instead, why not squeeze out excess water as soon as you get out of the shower, then let your hair dry naturally for a few minutes before blow drying as normal.

2. Another simple tip to combat that frizz is using deep conditioner each time you shampoo. Leave it in for five minutes and you’ll really start to notice the difference, this isn’t the best option for those with finer hair, as it may just end up weighing hair down.

3. Consider changing what brush you use after you wash your hair, a fine toothed comb can stretch and pull tangled hair. So why not swap for a wide toothed comb to avoid that frizz.

4. Try to cut down on excessive use of hairspray, too much alcohol based styling products can leave your hair dry and frizzy. Hairspray’s alcohol content can swell up the hair cuticle, causing puffiness.

5. Finally, a regular trim always helps alleviate frizz, keeping hair healthy and keeping dryer ends at bay.



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