Bridal Makeup Tips for your Big Day

Our top Makeup Artists Dearbhla Keenan gives her top tips for brides to be.

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Make Up Trial
If you have decided to get a professional Make Up Artist to look after you on your big day, I think it’s very important to do a trial for your wedding make up. It not only introduces you to who will be with you on your morning, but will also put your mind at ease and give you security in how your make up will look on the day. Try and organise it for about 2 months before date to allow time for changes.

Doing your own Make Up
If you are planning to do your own make up or have a family member or friend doing it, I would recommend to do a one on one Lesson with a professional artist. This will give you the opportunity to learn simple tips and tricks that will help you confidently achieve a polished look on the morning.

Your Skin regime in the lead up to your wedding is a very important thing to look at. If you plan to do facials or any skin treatments prior to your big day, be sure to start at the earliest convenience to allow your skin to react to the treatment in good time. Avoid doing facials in the week leading up to your day as you may be prone to break outs. Drink water! You skin needs moisture from the inside as well as from creams etc.


Timeless look vs Dramatic Look
Decide on the look you want to achieve for your Bridal Make up. You want to keep it as close to what you would wear regularly whether that’s a natural look or more of a dramatic look. It is important to feel like yourself on the day and I would definitely recommend choosing a look that is timeless as opposed to something that will date when you look back on your photos in the future. Focus on your skin and creating definition by contouring and choose a feature focus between eyes and lips.

Make Up Maintenance
There are certain products that are a must for make up maintenance through out the day. Bring a pressed Powder and a MATTE bronzer. The powder will keep shine away and the matte bronzer will inject life back into skin as the day goes on. The importance of it being matte is to ensure you don’t create too much of a glow resulting in a bright face in comparison to your body in flash photography . Lips should be reapplied throughout the day whereas eye make up should not need retouching unless you plan on darkening your eye make up for the evening.



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