Guest Blogger – Darren Kennedy

Style Aficionado, founder of and Brown Sugar regular, Darren Kennedy joins us as our guest blogger this week!

As a guy, I guess our overall appearance tends to be a bit more pared back than women. We’ve less things to play around with (ie. make up, nails etc.) so our hair style plays a big part in our overall look, the icing on the proverbial style cake, so to speak. So that’s why it’s so important that my cut is perfectly structured. The key to achieving this is finding a stylists who understands your hair and understands how you like it to look – in my case, textured on top and razor sharp slick at the back and sides.

Darren Kennedy

My hair is an old school 50’s Barber’s buzz cut. I wear my quiff with a little more texture versus the overly slicked back ‘Grease’ inspired version, but it’s versatile. Brown Sugar has played a huge role in the development of my ‘quiff’ and Christian Shannon is the genius behind the razor, helping to make my style manageable.

I fly home from London, every two weeks, to visit Christian in Brown Sugar to get it’s styled so it keeps its sharpness! The Brown Sugar experience always makes me smile. Escaping the hustle and bustle of town at their  South William Street  salon, I sit back, relax and enjoy a coffee and a sneaky cupcake!

In my line of work I’m super busy and my time is not my own, so I like that I can simply pop in while I’m in the city centre, they’re always super accommodation. I guess you could say, they’re a cut above the rest! Sorry couldn’t resist a pun.





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