20% Off 15 Week Blow-Dry

We’re offering an amazing 20% off our 15 Weeks Blow-Dry with our Brazilian Specialist Tiago Rodrigues in both salons Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! When leaving salon your hair looks runway ready, so beautiful it could be photographed. The next day…where do you begin? The stress caused from environmental damage, tools and product build up leave hair lifeless and drab.

20% Off 15 Week Blow-Dry

The GKhair Taming System is Formaldehyde free with a Juvexin formula that closes the cuticle to improve texture, enhance manageability and reduce frizz for a guaranteed 15 weeks. This hugely successful treatment restores hair by repairing and providing long-term conditioning and protection to each individual strand, and cutting blow dry time in half!

This salon certified 15 week blow-dry restores damaged hair to its original, vibrant and healthy state. Ring the salon now for details 01 6169967 or Blackrock 01 2108630!

20% Off 15 Week Blow-Dry



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