KOHL TAKEOVER – Tips for Debutants!

Welcome to our first in our series of blogs post from our expert team at Brown Sugar. Our fab team of Kohl Cosmetics‘ make-up artists at Brown Sugar Hair & Beauty and Sugar Cubed – Sarah, Cara, Amy and Dearbhla are going to be blogging about their top make-up tips and more over the next few months. You’ll get an amazing insight into what they get up to in salon and out on shoots. From makeup applications to makeup courses, 3D brows and everything else in between!

First up is Dearbhla Keenan, and James Coleman, Senior Stylist. Here they give us some top tips for attaining that perfect make-up look and the style you’ve always wanted.

Debs season is upon us and for all you debutants that are worried about perfecting your hair and make-up, we have you covered.

So, you have already booked your hair and make-up appointments for the day, here are a few tips from our experts so you’re prepared.

Our head makeup artist Dearbhla Keenan at Brown Sugar tells us how you can be prepared pre make-up.

1. Make sure you arrive for your make-up fresh faced. Wearing make-up if your going to be taking it off and reapplying it again can irritate the skin.

2. Moisturise from the night before. Moisturising right before hand will create more oils on your skin and your foundation won’t be as long lasting throughout the night.

3. Be prepared, have the items that you will need for a top up ready to go and you can purchase these items in salon too in case you don’t have any.

4. When it comes to tanning, have it pre done and washed off before coming in. Your artist will be able to match your foundation with your tan perfectly if this is done.

5. Bring a picture in of your dress, so your makeup artist can take into account what tones to go for.

Our Stylist James Coleman from Brown Sugar has some tips for all you debutants on how to prepare for your day.

1. Arrive to the salon with clean dry hair, this will give the best result for your blowdry or upstyle.

2. If you have extensions, make sure they are very clean, dry and brushed through. This is such a time saver for your stylist and then can focus on your finished look opposed to be worrying about the extensions.

3. A consultation is one of the most important steps to getting your hair and makeup done, make sure you are clear with what you want and if at any point you don’t like what you see, speak up so your stylist can correct it before there finished.

4. Take advice, an open mind is key to getting a look you want. Although you might be prepared and have an idea of what you want just bare in mind that certain looks don’t suit everyone and might not go with the cut of the dress and flow with the makeup.

5. Bring in images for inspiration, however we do have an iPad in the salon to search for images in case you don’t bring any.

Here are some Sugar Culture pictures below that might inspire you for your hair and make-up on the day! And keep an eye out for more blog posts from our expert team at Brown Sugar and KOHL Cosmetics.Kohl Cosmetics 1Kohl Cosmetics 2



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