Let’s Hear It For The Boys!

Men’s grooming has exploded in the last few years, with more products than ever available. Whether you’ve long, slicked and quiffed, short or neat hair there are lots of options. From styling clays and gels to hairsprays and waxes, there is a huge amount of choice out there so you can get that perfect look. With that right product matched with right cut you can sculpt your hair into your desired style.

We’re looking at some style inspirations when it comes to men’s hair this season. Some men are getting big, brave and bold with their locks, but if you’re looking for more subtle style inspiration we’ve got some ideas for that too.


Chris Hemsworth is known for his longer hair, but this beachy look can be hard to achieve without looking overly messy. Using the right products can help perfect the look.


You can really have fun with this kind of length, you can create loads of texture with moulding clays.



We love this summer trend of the side slick back. It can be quite a formal look for men.



The quiff has really dominated men’s hair trends this season. It’s so versatile, because it can be as subtle or dramatic as you like.



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